1. Snake Plissken vs The Postman, who wins ?

    Two characters living in a harsh version of 2013: 

    Snake Plissken: 

    • 5’10”, one eyed, good fighter and shooter
    • profession: former U.S. Army Lieutenant, criminal.
    • Ruthless, cynical, a loner  
    • Good at: piloting, hang gliding, surf and basketball
    • main enemy: politicians who force him to do something.  
    • Movies: Escape from New York (1981)  and  Escape from L.A. (1996, the story takes place in 2013)

    The Postman (movie version)

    • 6’1”, good fighter and shooter
    • Profession: wandering comedian, background: unknown
    • Was a lone wanderer, and not completely honest, but he changes with time.  Brings hope and unity, can raise an army. 
    • Good at: horse riding, reciting Shakespeare, carrying mail   
    • main enemy: neo-fascists
    • His movie: The Postman (1997, the story takes place in 2013)  

    Imagine a fight between them (the way you want).  You can vote for the winner in the answers.  I will count the votes tomorrow (January 11) at 7pm (Eastern time).  

  2. The Postman (1997), Directed and interpreted by Kevin Costner, adapted from a novel by David Brin published in 1985.