1. [Nichelle Nichols’] record of accomplishment speaks for itself: NASA originally had 1500 applicants from women and minorities on file. Women in Motion helped spur that number to exceed 8000 in six months. Nichols received the American Society of Aerospace Education’s Friend of the Year award for ‘outstanding contributions to the promotion of aviation and space.
    —  from a November 1985 article in Starlog about Nichelle Nichols’ work with NASA’s Women in Motion program. (via trekkiefeminist)
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Presumably Angus McKie


    Presumably Angus McKie

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    Read the Apollo 11 Flight Plan in Its 353-Page Entirety

    Exactly 45 years ago today, after months of preparation, Apollo 11 embarked on its now-legendary mission to the moon. But what exactly does it take to send three men into the great, vacuous unknown? See for yourself.

    This 353-page document is the entire Apollo 11 flight plan in all its scientific glory. And if it gets a little confusing it’s because this is one of those rare cases where, yes, it actually is rocket science.

    Thankfully, the National Archives does provide a small amount of decoding of the highly technical literature. This acronym key should be of some help:

    • CSM = Command Service Module
    • CMP = Command Module Pilot (Mike Collins)
    • LM = Lunar Module
    • CDR = Commander of the Mission (Neil Armstrong)
    • LMP = Lunar Module Pilot (Buzz Aldrin)
    • MCC-H = Mission Control Center-Houston.
    • LLM = Lunar Landing Mision
    • S/C = Spacecraft

    And as an added bonus, NASA has also kindly made available the entire Apollo 11 onboard voice transcription. Yep—you get to be privy to every last word uttered between our three space heroes as they were making history happen.

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Seuss Wars


    Seuss Wars

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    Brian Tyler - Can You Dig It (Iron Man 3 Main Titles)

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    Screenshots from Universe Sandbox, currently a part of the Humble Weekly Bundle until July 24, pay what you want for it (available as a direct  download or Steam key, for Windows only).  With this simulator you can see the solar system in 3D from multiple point of views, see each planet with its moons, change the mass of any element, add an element (a planet, a moon, an asteroid), observe a collision, create your own system and more.  More than 70 simulations are included, like a 3d map of the constellations and the passage of Voyager II near neptune in 1989.  

    You can see videos on youtube, like this one, and there is a demo available.  

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Wonder Comics #17, 1948


    Wonder Comics #17, 1948

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  9. Geometric abstract sandcastles by artist Calvin Seibert.

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Putting Up Roots // Vincent Di Fate

    Putting Up Roots // Vincent Di Fate

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